Heart of Spice captures the heart and soul of Chai. With authentic flavors and proper Assam, it’s the perfect make it your own experience. There is something really satisfying about making a cup of Chai and savoring the flavors. The aroma of carefully blended quality spices paired with the rich malty smell of Assam is the perfect way to bring in the day.  In India the flavor combinations come in a variety of spice blends called masala that work well together and make distinctive Chai’s. These variations in masala give individual preference, have medicinal quality, and some are granted gourmet status.   We have carefully crafted our spice blends for you to explore the varieties of Chai and to make it your own.   Our authentic chai flavors will take you on a journey beyond the well-known masala chai.



* Cardamom Fennel * Ginger Lemongrass * Star Anise * Original Masala


More flavors to come...



 Our spices are premium USDA  Organic and are whole ground in small batches. We offer   USDA Organic and Fair Trade proper Assam for an authentic chai experience. We invite you to make a fresh cup of Chai and adventure with new flavors of India.



Chai History



In India Chai begins the day, it breaks the day and it’s what makes a moment last longer between friends, family and even business gatherings. It has evolved from a medicinal concoction of spices documented as far back as 500 B.C. to the everyday caffeinated brew called Chai. The word Chai itself means tea. It was the British who first introduced drinking black tea boiled with water, milk and sugar. Quickly adopted and loved by the Indians who then added spices to mix and the well know Masala Chai is born. It is the one thing that is popular and common in all corners of India in fact India runs on Chai. In 2013 Chai was declared the National Drink of India.



Authentic Chai and Culture



 Chai is a very personal taste and it varies from person to person, household to household, and from one Chaiwallah to another. In India Chai also varies from State to State. There is an abundant of combinations and variations of masala blends that make a great Chai. What makes Chai authentic is that there really is no precise recipe just as it is with authentic Indian cooking.  There is NO 1tsp of this and NO 1tblsp of that rather an intuitive measurement and really a preference in flavor. It is really just a list of ingredients prepared and balanced to your liking. Other factors that make Chai authentic is the brewing it stove top with separate use of proper CTC Assam and spice blends that are true to India, however Chai is certainly not limited to that. As you can see there really is no one way to a cup of Chai. It really is an extension of your creation. 



Far in the North East corner of India is the State of Assam, the largest tea growing region of the world. It’s got the perfect scenario of rainfall, monsoon season, high temperatures and humidity giving Assam tea its rich malty taste. It is grown from the Camelia Assamica plant and is exclusive to the Bhramaputra River valley in Assam. There are two ways Assam is processed: Orthodox a more expensive approach and the CTC a more economical process.  The CTC process refers to a machine process which will crush, tear and curl the tea leaf. It is also the one that is in every household in India. It’s distinct earthy aroma and malty taste makes it the perfect candidate for adding milk and spices. And there you have it, all the elements for a cup of Chai. It is said that you will remember a person by the Chai they make and you will make a lasting memory of the moment you had a good cup of Chai. An invitation for a cup of Chai is always genuine and is rarely refused.




Happy Chai Making! 











We proudly contribute 11% of our proceeds to women and children of Nepal and India to further education and in living safe and fulfilled lives. Our local contribution goes to a nonprofit that empower people and minimizes food waste.